240SX Headlight Stalk/Combo Switch Restoration-S13

240SX Headlight Stalk/Combo Switch Restoration-S13<br>FREE RETURN SHIPPING
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Product Description

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One of the most requested services we've been asked for is the S13 headlight and wiper stalk labeling. It's an unfortunate fact that the factory lettering can often be removed with minimal abrasion (even just normal use). Owners living in hotter climates are especially familiar with how quickly the factory labeling can fade from these highly exposed pieces.

If you're tired of your headlight stalk looking "weather-beaten", and can't see yourself paying $110+ for a brand-new Nissan OEM unit everytime it fades, then we have just the answer!

In addition to receiving a factory-new looking headlight switch, you'll receive the added value of FREE return shipping*, PLUS an OEM parts matching 12-month/365-day warranty against fading. Oh, and if that wasn't enough, this service is TAX-EXEMPT even for California residents!

All you need to do is disassemble your steering column cover (held together by 6 Phillips screws) and remove the headlight stalk (held to the column by 2 Phillips screws), pack it up safely, and send it to us via your carrier of choice (contact us for tips on the best or most cost-effective way to get your parts to us).

Upon receiving your items we can almost always provide a 24-48 hour turnaround. After restoring the lettering we'll provide a hidden mark on the underside of the headlight stalk housing mount (for warranty purposes) and get your switches back to you safe, sound, and looking as good as they did on "day one".

If you have any questions or concerns before taking advantage of this great new way to get your vehicle looking it's best, just contact us! We'll be glad to answer any questions you have.

*Free shipping applies within the continental U.S. All other destinations may require a small additional charge