A'PEXi Super Suction Kit-S13/S14 (SR20DET w/Z32 MAF)

A'PEXi Super Suction Kit-S13/S14 (SR20DET w/Z32 MAF)
Item# 538-N011_538-N021
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Product Description

PLEASE NOTE: This product requires the use of a Z32 300ZX MAF sensor. Also, please choose your kit according to the type of TURBO you are using NOT necessarily the chassis it's going on. (e.g. For an S13 SR20 with a stock T25 turbo, please order the S13 kit [538-N011]. For an S14 SR20 with a stock T28 turbo (or equivalent) please order the S14 kit [538-N021]. For an S13 SR20 upgrading to an S15 T28 turbo, please use the S14 kit [538-N021])

The A'PEXi Super Suction Kit comes with a smooth-bending, aluminum intake pipe to replace the stock rubber pipe, a new intake filter, Z32 airflow meter clip, and all necessary hardware. (Image may vary slightly from product received)