A'PEXi Super Suction Kit-S13/S14 (SR20DET) D-Jetro with MAP Sensor

A'PEXi Super Suction Kit-S13/S14 (SR20DET) D-Jetro with MAP Sensor
Item# 538-N211_538-N221
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Product Description

Please choose your kit according to the type of TURBO you are using NOT necessarily the chassis it's going on. (e.g. For an S13 SR20 with a T25 turbo, please order the S13 kit [538-N211]. For an S14 SR20 with a T28 turbo (or equivalent) please order the S14 kit [538-N221]. For an S13 SR20 upgrading to an S15 T28 turbo, please use the S14 kit [538-N221])

This kit is similar to the regular Super Suction Kit, however, for maximum tuning potential this kit removes the MAF sensor entirely in favor of a MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor system. This eliminates the MAF sensor bottle-neck on high horsepower engines.

Not for the uninitiated, this kit requires a few other upgrades in order to achieve maximum benefit: A proper turbo upgrade, engine management capable of controlling a MAP sensor system, and proper tuning. (Due to the differences in the kits, image may vary slightly from product received)