AEM ETI Dual Cold-Air Intake System-Z34

AEM ETI Dual Cold-Air Intake System-Z34
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Product Description

AEM ETI Dual Cold-Air Intake System-Z34
With a revolutionary Electronically Tuned Intake (ETI) module and fully integrated design, AEM has eliminated the need to detune or stage an intake tubes diameter as it crosses the MAF sensor (a common method to tune out resonance on some VQ35DE intakes). The sensor is electronically adjusted to read proper air density instead of altering the physical tube design near the Mass Airflow Sensor in order to “trick” the MAF reading.

This allows the intake to maintain the same diameter from end-to-end without needing a "pinch point" in the pipes diameter near the MAF. The result is bigger horsepower and torque gains.

AEM claims gains of 9.67hp with this system (see photo below).

Also includes a modified washer fluid reservoir for improved clearance.