We've personally witnessed a short ram intake make more power than it's Cold Air version on a VQ35DE equipped with a NISMO R-Tune Cold Air Intake System. The intake with cold air extension gained an average of 3.2hp (with a dip in power at 3800rpm). After converting to short ram, power jumped to 5.6hp (with no dip in power).

This is due in part to intake resonance. Injen is the only company that tunes out this resonance with their MegaRam (MR) Technology which is a patented "step-down" process in the built-in MAF housing included in most of their newer intakes. Most other companies Cold-Air kits use the same diameter pipe from end-to-end, which does nothing to stop this resonance.

Almost all companies make excellent performing Short Ram kits. But only Injen's Cold-Air kits are tuned properly for maximum gains. So, while we CAN get you a Cold-Air kit from another company (just ask!), we RECOMMEND Injen for Cold-Air systems on the VQ35DE!