A'PEXi N1 Type ExV Damper-Z33

A'PEXi N1 Type ExV Damper-Z33
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Product Description

A'PEXi N1 Type ExV Damper-Z33

-Standard Spring Rates: 10kg front, 8kg rear (different rate springs available for purchase seperately, e-mail us for more info)

-Full Coil Over Threaded Base

-Monotube Shock Absorber utilizing a 44mm diameter piston

-32 way ride adjustment

-62 mm direct wound spring, Length-200mm front, 200mm rear

-22mm Strut type rod (All other types use a 12.5 mm rod)

-Quick Adjuster, Coil Over Adjustment Wrench included

-Exclusive Upper Mounts

-Aluminum Brackets (Strut utilizes steel brackets)

-One Year Manufacturer's Warranty (for Oil, Gas)


-Adjust ride height without affecting spring/damper stroke

-Compression and Spring rates specially matched for US road conditions

-Ride settings calibrated for excellent ride quality and sports driving

-Incorporates the same N1 Damper Series high precision valve and piston for accurate settings

-The Quick Adjuster allows for easy compression ratio (ride) adjustments

-Strut types incorporate a pillow upper mount with camber adjustments

-Includes dust boot to prevent oil leaks

-Includes spring seats to minimize noise