Bride Euro II Reclining Seat

Bride Euro II Reclining Seat
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Product Description

Bride Euro II Reclining Seat
*Requires the use of Bride MO Seat Rail*

If you've ever had the pleasure of sitting in an R34 GT-R seat you'll notice how similar these two seats are!

The Euro II has wonderfully supportive thigh and back bolsters (like the GT-R seats) while not asking the occupant to "hop the wall" to get in and out of them, as can be the case on the other Bride seat models.

This makes it an excellent choice for our more "built" customers that don't like the ingress and egress difficulties associated with a more aggressively bolstered seat.

Also makes an excellent passenger seat if your significant other has reservations about climbing in and out of a more heavily bolstered seat (while still providing excellent holding properties).

Available in: Black and Red.