Bride Gias II (CFRP)

Bride Gias II (CFRP)
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Bride Gias II (CFRP)
Don't confuse this seat with the less expensive first-gen Gias or Gias Sport. The Gias II (GAI-uhs) is Bride's next generation of the immensely popular GIAS seat. Considered a "Hybrid Reclinable" since the side bolsters are as aggressive and supportive as the best Bride bucket seats while still retaining the convenience of a reclinable seat. This seat is an example of what can be produced when NO compromises are made!

Let's start with the frame; weight was of utmost importance so Bride utilized a lightweight, yet rigid, aluminum frame. The shell of the seat is a monocoque type made entirely out of Carbon-Kevlar for maximum weight reduction and strength. The cloth is a high-class buckskin in certain areas for increased grip, featuring red stitching (double-stitched at all major seams to reduce damage from pulling/tearing) ensuring your seat will look good for many miles of use!

If that wasn't enough, the Gias II also features a "one-touch" quick recline adjustment (see video below). This eliminates the need for constantly spinning an adjustment knob to reach your desired setting, as some other sport seats require. Finally, when ordering the Gias II you are given the option of a Standard Cushion or a Low Cushion (click inset pic for comparison). Why does this matter? Well, if you already have minimal clearance between your knees and the bottom of the steering wheel, the Low Cushion option can help alleviate that! (A common problem when upgrading seats on the S-chassis for instance)

Comes in a myriad of color options to suit most tastes. If you're looking for the ultimate seat for your no-compromise project, then look no further than the Bride Gias II!