Cobb GT-R AccessPORT w/ TCM Flashing-R35

Cobb GT-R AccessPORT w/ TCM Flashing-R35
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Product Description

The Cobb Tuning R35 GT-R AccessPORT is used by some of the top GT-R tuners to achieve 1,000hp+ on the VR38DETT!

The new GT-R AccessPORT with TCM support is the industry's first OEM ECU and TCM flashing, managing, and monitoring assistant. Unlock power hidden within the ECU by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations. Upgrade the factory Launch Control logic and enable Run Clutch Gear Learning, Clutch Touch Point and Clutch Capacity adjustments. The result is impressive gains in torque and horsepower with improved transmission responsiveness and driveability, all while maintaining a high degree of safety. The AccessPORT comes with pre-installed ECU and TCM maps that are optimized for common performance modifications.

Tuning flexibility ranges from simply loading one of the included performance maps designed for common modifications, all the way to complete custom map authoring using the powerful AccessTUNER software. Extract maximum power from virtually any modification while retaining the driveability and sophistication inherent in the OEM ECU.