DME Engine Torque Damper-S13/S14 (SR20DET)

DME Engine Torque Damper-S13/S14 (SR20DET)
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Product Description

The Engine Torque Damper is a compact, self contained shock that reduces unwanted engine movement. The damper installs in between the engine and chassis on your 240SX with a custom steel bracket (for maximum strength) to effectively reduce motion of the motor. It effectively restricts engine movement caused by engine torque when you are shifting gears. Transfer more power to the wheels by minimizing engine movement. Easy install with all necessary hardware included.

-Improves acceleration from a fixed start.

-Smoother shifts between gears, minimizes mis-shifts.

-Includes interchangeable rubber and urethane bushings for street or track use.

-Adjustable preload and dampening strength.

-Reduces stress and increases the life of engine mounts.