Energy Suspension Hyper-Flex Master Bushing Set-S13

Energy Suspension Hyper-Flex Master Bushing Set-S13
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Product Description

Energy Suspension Hyper-Flex Master Bushing Set-S13
Energy Suspension's complete Polyurethane Master Sets, both restores worn mounts and bushings as well as adds a dramatically higher degree of performance to any vehicle. These Master Bushing Sets offer complete coverage front to back of the vehicle's chassis. If you have coilovers with pillowball mounts and you install one of these Master Bushing Sets on your car, the only rubber that will be left in your car's suspension will be the tires!

The 240SX (S13) Master kit includes the following sets:

-Front T/C rod bushings

-Front lower control arm bushings

-Both 24mm AND 25mm front swaybar bushings and endlinks (HICAS equipped cars use a slightly larger bar. Depending on your bar size, you will not use 2 sway bar bushings.)

-Rear lower control arm, rear forward link, rear camber arm, rear toe rod, and all corresponding spindle/hub carrier bushings

-Rear swaybar bushings and endlinks

-Rear subframe inserts

-Steering rack bushings

NOTE: Each of the included sets above can be purchased individually if need be. Please inquire via e-mail with your specific request.