GReddy Power Extreme PE-Ti Exhaust-R35

GReddy Power Extreme PE-Ti Exhaust-R35
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Product Description

GReddy Power Extreme PE-Ti Exhaust-R35
The GReddy R35 GT-R Power Extreme-Ti Exhaust is GReddy's no-holds barred, all out effort at a no-compromise exhaust system!

Starting with an 80mm single mid-pipe, this FULL TITANIUM unit then branches into dual 80mm straight-through oval mufflers, before exiting via quad 80mm pipes with 115mm "burnt" titanium tips.

80mm from end-to-end maintains an excellent flow-rate for maximum power gains. The all titanium construction allows this exhaust to weigh only 54% of the original OEM one (19 lbs. vs. 36 lbs.) for an all-around performance improvement!

GReddy has tested and shown gains of 20hp utilizing this exhaust with no other tuning!