GReddy PRofec B-Spec II
(Electronic Boost Controller)

GReddy PRofec B-Spec II<br>(Electronic Boost Controller)
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Product Description

If you're looking for an all-in-one boost controller packed with extra features, the PRofec B-Spec II is the answer!

The GReddy PRofec B-Spec II integrates all the basics of an electronic boost controller, but with additional useful options. Use the built-in boost gauge (psi or kPa) to tune in a LO & HI setting to raise the boost pressure, then optimize consistency and response with "GAIN %" and adjust the "START GAIN" to set the initial wastegate response. Also built-in are optional: Warning point, Warning limiter, and Peak & Last Boost record. Compatible with integral and external wastegates.

All of these great features mean you don't have to spend extra money to get these same features in a boost gauge! Makes fine-tuning your boost settings easy. Dual boost settings allow you to "choose your performance" on the fly, with the mere push of a button!