HKS GT-R Transmission Oil Pan-R35

HKS GT-R Transmission Oil Pan-R35
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Product Description

HKS GT-R Transmission Oil Pan-R35
The HKS Transmission Oil Pan for the R35 GT-R utilizes a high strength aluminum casting "honey comb" design, which can improve the rigidity of the transmission case. The load to the internal components can be reduced, and the gears will rotate more smoothly.

Replacing the oil pan with this upgraded unit can improve strength and rigidity by 30% compared to the factory transmission pan. The stress to the shaft bearing and gear tooth inside the transmission caused by increased engine output and track driving can be reduced.

The additional internal ribs on the HKS Oil Pan improves the flow of oil to the strainer. The engine oil volume remains the same as the factory’s designated volume. Reuses the factory magnet and oil level gauge.