Kazama HICAS Stopper Rod-S13/S14 (DISCONTINUED)

Kazama HICAS Stopper Rod-S13/S14 (DISCONTINUED)
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Kazama HICAS Stopper Rod-S13/S14 (DISCONTINUED)
Older versions of HICAS lacked the technological refinement of newer versions. This often led to erratic, unpredictable handling at high speed.

Because of this, a popular option for enthusiasts is to eliminate HICAS altogether.

What's great about this Kazama HICAS Eliminator is that you can choose to either remove all of the HICAS components (such as pumps, piping, etc.) or remove just the rear HICAS rack and replace it with the Kazama unit and just plug up the power steering fluid pipes (with the included pipe plugs).

Very easy to install, and saves a good amount of weight over the OE HICAS rack. Includes everything needed for install.

Enjoy a more stable and predictable rear suspension today!