Motordyne Engineering 5/16" Copper Iso Thermal Plenum Spacer-Z33/V35 (VQ35DE)

Motordyne Engineering 5/16" Copper Iso Thermal Plenum Spacer-Z33/V35 (VQ35DE)
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Product Description

The Motordyne Copper Iso Thermal plenum spacer is a stealth modification that adds 12HP-14HP "under the curve" and reduces the effect of power robbing heat soak by thermally isolating both the upper and lower plenum. Its 5/16" thickness provides the best overall performance and is fully compatible with your engine cover and strut bar.

All Motordyne Iso Thermal systems keep your upper and lower plenum cooler without the risk of throttle body freezing when driving in cold weather.

Since the Copper Iso Thermal kit has a copper throttle body plate which automatically routes coolant to the throttle body, it's ideal for customers who don't want to have to remember to adjust a coolant bypass every time the cold season rolls around. This makes for a "set-it-and-forget-it" modification for our customers who see snowy climates. Plus, the copper throttle body plate heats just the throttle and not the whole plenum (like the stock setup does) allowing you to still benefit from cooler intake temps!

All kits come with everything needed for a complete installation.