NISMO GT L.S.D. Pro-Z32 (VG30DE)

NISMO GT L.S.D. Pro-Z32 (VG30DE)
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Product Description

NISMO GT L.S.D. Pro-Z32 (VG30DE)
Exclusive to this clutch-type LSD is its external initial torque adjustment. Featuring three settings: LOW (47.01 lb-ft), MIDDLE (61.48 lb-ft), HIGH (101.3 lb-ft), this unit allows for trackside adjustments without a complete disassembly of the unit. This saves on both time, and cost.


-GT L.S.D. Pro

-L.S.D. Oil

-Side Flanges

-Oil Seals

-Differential Carrier Gasket

-Ring Gear Bolts