Okuyama CARBING Front Strut Tower Bar-S13/S14
(Aluminum Version)

Okuyama CARBING Front Strut Tower Bar-S13/S14<br>(Aluminum Version)
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Product Description

Okuyama CARBING Front Strut Tower Bar-S13/S14<br>(Aluminum Version)
A MISTEENO favorite! Carbing strut bars are some of the most well-built bars on the market! Here's some reasons why we think you'll love them too:

Use of an oval shaft for high rigidity
These "Type I/Type R" front strut bars (see inset pic) utilize either a 20 x 40mm or 30 x 50mm aluminum shaft for increased rigidity. By increasing the shaft material thickness to 3.0mm, these aluminum bars can be just as strong as the steel version while weighing SIGNIFICANTLY less!

Shaft and brackets are a fully welded one-piece design
Solid one-piece design ELIMINATES any pivot points that a traditional single bolt design would have, optimizing force distribution. Less hardware means less weight! Each bar is professionally hand-welded to ensure superb quality and maximum rigidity.

Application specific base plates for maximum strength
This aluminum version utilizes a 5.0mm thick base plate designed specifically for this application. This not only increases strength, it ensures superb fit and finish as well!

Built-in Brake Master Cylinder Stopper (MCS)
All CARBING Aluminum Front Strut Bars feature a built-in Brake Master Cylinder Stopper (Be sure to specify Left or Right-Hand Drive when ordering!) This is a value added feature which helps to drastically reduce firewall flex under hard braking. This makes the brakes more effective and quick to respond while increasing brake pedal modulation/feel!

(PLEASE NOTE: While the USDM Front "Type I" bars are readily available in the U.S., the JDM Front "Type I" and "Type R" bars are Special Order from Japan and as such have an increased lead time. Upon ordering we will contact you with an estimated delivery time frame. We will continue to be in contact with you until this awesome bar arrives at your door!)