Okuyama CARBING Front Strut Tower Bar-Z32
(Aluminum Version)

Okuyama CARBING Front Strut Tower Bar-Z32<br>(Aluminum Version)
Item# 621-125-0
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Product Description

Okuyama CARBING Front Strut Tower Bar-Z32<br>(Aluminum Version)
A MISTEENO favorite! Carbing strut bars are some of the most well-built bars on the market! Here's some reasons why we think you'll love them too:

Use of an oval shaft for high rigidity
This "Type I" front strut bar (see inset pic) utilizes a 20 x 40mm aluminum shaft for increased rigidity. By increasing the shaft material thickness to 3.0mm, these aluminum bars can be just as strong as a similar steel version while weighing SIGNIFICANTLY less!

Shaft and brackets are a fully welded one-piece design
Solid one-piece design ELIMINATES any pivot points that a traditional single bolt design would have, optimizing force distribution. Less hardware means less weight! Each bar is professionally hand-welded to ensure superb quality and maximum rigidity.

Application specific base plates for maximum strength
This aluminum version utilizes a 5.0mm thick base plate designed specifically for this application. This not only increases strength, it ensures superb fit and finish as well!