With many of the most cherished Nissan sports cars getting older every year, many enthusiasts have turned their attention toward recapturing that "factory-fresh" look.

While a new paint job and performance upgrades can do wonders for the overall appearance of a vehicle, it's often the little things that go neglected. Things such as heavily used buttons, switches, and interior labeling are often left undone, betraying an owners efforts at a "clean" look. This is often a product of new parts being discontinued for your favorite chassis or the result of extremely high prices for these "limited" or "special-order" OEM parts.

We're looking to change that! We've spent years looking for a solution that was not only a great value relative to purchasing new, but also at a quality level that would be on par with OEM pieces. We think we've succeeded!

Don't be confused, these are NOT "decals" or "stickers" that will disintegrate at the first signs of normal use, but a high quality ink transfer process that matches the original part without you needing to buy a $12,000 pad printing machine similar to the ones used by the original part manufacturer.

Though we are just getting started, we've already received lots of interest from 240SX and 300ZX owners. Many 240Z and Datsun Roadster owners have expressed interest as well!

Virtually any non-illuminated surface lettering can be restored on your interior, regardless of make/model, and select illuminated lettering can be done as well (though it's largely dependent on each specific project). Contact us if you are interested in any specific application!