Sprint Springs-Z32

Sprint Springs-Z32
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Product Description

Sprint springs are cold wound with SAE 9254 chrome silicon material. Sprint Springs have over 30 years of engineering behind them to produce the best springs available for your vehicle.

Spring rate or spring stiffness influences the handling characteristics of the vehicles chassis. Sprint springs are designed for the best ride quality for its ride height. Sprint Springs are normally 20-25% stiffer than factory stock springs.

Many people seem to believe that the stiffer the spring the better, which is NOT CORRECT! The stiffer the spring the harder the rebound is on the shock. Conventional factory or aftermarket factory replacement shocks are not designed to handle the rebound of a stiff spring. The center cartridge of the shock snaps back, that causes the vehicle to hop, creates a harsh ride, and predictable road traction is lost.

Sprint Springs are some of the lightest on the market, too!

According to Sprint:

The front and rear are lowered 1.8"

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