Tanabe Concept G Exhaust System-S13/S14 (SR20DET/KA24DE)

Tanabe Concept G Exhaust System-S13/S14 (SR20DET/KA24DE)
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Product Description

Tanabe Concept G Exhaust System-S13/S14 (SR20DET/KA24DE)
(This exhaust system will work on a 240SX with either the KA24DE or SR20DET. Please order based on CHASSIS.)

It's unbelievable what you get for the price with the Tanabe Concept G Exhaust System!

First, SUS304 stainless steel is used throughout. It's mandrel bent using the fewest bends possible for maximum flow and efficiency.

Second, significant steps have been taken to reduce the weight of this system. Piping wall thickness is only 1.2mm. Exhaust hangers are of a hollow design, further reducing weight. To top it off, the mounting flanges are a reduced thickness SUS304 pressed steel type (as opposed to industry standard 1/4" to 1/2" solid steel flanges).

Third, it's able to achieve all this while still coming in at under 93db!

PIPING: 80mm

TIP: 100mm