Tanabe TEAS

Tanabe TEAS
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Product Description

Tanabe TEAS
TEAS stands for "Tanabe Electric Active Suspension" and is the counterpart of the new Sustec Pro SEVEN suspension. This compact unit is the 'brain' behind the highly sophisticated new Tanabe suspensions. TEAS is a fully programmable dampener controller that allows for dampening force to be automatically adjusted while driving. TEAS accomplishes this by connecting and using the signal from the vehicle's Speed Sensor.

TEAS active dampening control is uniquely possible due to the use of the specialized valving of the Pro SEVEN, in conjunction with TEAS' slim, high speed actuators. These actuators change dampener settings in an amazing 0.013 seconds (1/100ths of a second), which is necessary as TEAS can continuously change settings at different speeds.

You can program 9 different "trigger" points that activate when you reach a variety of speeds. Increments of as little as 5mph can trigger a damper setting change. In addition to this Automatic mode, the traditional Manual mode is available as well.