Tanabe Sustec Rear Stabilizer Bar (Swaybar)-S13/S14

Tanabe Sustec Rear Stabilizer Bar (Swaybar)-S13/S14
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Product Description

Built for the driving enthusiast, the Sustec Stabilizer emininates roll for exceptional stability and maximum tire contact patch and grip.

Unique to the Sustec Stabilizer is its FULL CHROMEMOLY steel alloy construction. Chromemoly's strength is such that a small diameter chromemoly anti-swaybar is significantly stronger than the standard steel anti-swaybars that are larger in diameter.

The Sustec Stabilizer has a carefully calculated OUTER and INNER diameter, for the proper amount of rigidity. The diameter and strength cannot be compared to other commonly available anti-swaybars due to the vast differences in material construction.

Chromemoly anti-swaybars have typically only been readily available to race users. The Sustec Stabilizer makes this lightweight, extremely functional race material technology available to all motorsport enthusiasts for a reasonable price!

Bar Diameter:

-(S13) 22mm

-(S14) 27.5mm

(Note: Image shows S14 bar.)