Tanabe Sustec Front Tower Bar-Z33

Tanabe Sustec Front Tower Bar-Z33
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Product Description

Tanabe Sustec Front Tower Bar-Z33
The Sustec Tower Bar has been very popular due to it's low price and high functionality. Bar only weighs 8 lbs!*

Centershaft construction is reinforced extruded aluminum, which features dual reinforced lips on the underside, as well as tapered ends for additional rigidity. The centershaft is very lightweight, so unnecessary weight is not added to reinforce the chassis.

100% steel endplates are engineered for durability, so that the stress properly transfers to the bar, and does not overstress the welds and mounting brackets.

This bar also has adjustable preload. Tanabe recommends preloading the bar for maximum benefit. To properly set the preload:

-With vehicle on the ground, install the endplates onto the strut towers.

-Raise vehicle.

-Install centershaft by evenly adjusting centershaft endlinks until everything lines up. Bolt into place.

-By installing the centershaft while the vehicle is raised, this will give the desired preload when it is lowered again.

IMPORTANT: Do not install endplates with the vehicle raised up. Only after the endplates are securely bolted to the strut towers can the vehicle be raised and the centershaft installed.

*(Per Tanabe)