TEIN Mono Flex Coilover Kit-Z32

TEIN Mono Flex Coilover Kit-Z32
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Product Description

TEIN Mono Flex Coilover Kit-Z32
The TEIN Mono Flex is hands-down the best coilover TEIN makes for the Z32 300ZX! Designed specifically for the weekend track enthusiast and "performance-over-comfort" street driver, this coilover set will not disappoint!

16-way damping adjustment allows these units to tackle a wide variety of road surfaces. Damping force can be changed to tune ride feel more toward performance or a more acceptable street ride, and used to adjust handling characteristics. The Mono-Tube internal design, while not as comfort-oriented as a Twin-Tube design, allows for increased oil capacity, improved heat dissipation, and larger valving. It also provides for increased rigidity on strut type vehicles while affording the user quieter operation, and the ability to use stiffer spring rates for racing applications.

Rigid upper mounts, front and rear, eliminate compliance experienced by the stock rubber filled upper mounts. As well as allowing allowing increased feed back as the suspension moves.

A fully-threaded body allows for independent ride height and spring pre-load adjustments, while TEIN EDFC compatibility only sweetens the deal!

Additional Features:

-Spring Rate Front - 9 kg/mm (504 lbs./in.), Rear - 7 kg/mm (392 lbs./in.)
-Steel Construction (for improved strength)
-Anodized brackets with Teflon coated shock body for heavy duty rust prevention
-Aluminum spring seats to reduce ceasing of spring seat to the threaded body, and for improved durability


<b>TEIN EDFC Motor Kit and Wiring Harness</b>
TEIN EDFC Motor Kit and Wiring Harness
Required when using the TEIN EDFC with this
particular Mono Flex set on the Z32
Sealed rubber motor cover for improved protection
Complete harness with female/male connectors
Extended wiring harness for ease of installation
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