TiTek GT-R Titanium Race Exhaust-R35

TiTek GT-R Titanium Race Exhaust-R35
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Product Description

TiTek GT-R Titanium Race Exhaust-R35
TiTek's new Race exhaust sports slimmer resonators which will produce higher decibel exhaust notes, but also improves exhaust flow for higher horsepower gains.

The Race exhaust also features the TiTek vented tips which are included with the Race series exhaust systems. These innovative tips allow cooler temperatures in the rear to avoid burning the bumper. The vented tips can also be purchased separately and will mount to even the OEM exhaust system.

Featuring vented tips, smaller resonators, a 90mm center pipe which splits into two 76mm pipes, and a total weight of just 19 lbs!