Tomei EXPREME Exhaust Manifold-(SR20DET)

Tomei EXPREME Exhaust Manifold-(SR20DET)
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Product Description

Tomei EXPREME Exhaust Manifold-(SR20DET)
The quality on this "bottom-mount" manifold is amazing! Tomei, after many prototypes, concluded that a manifold with unequal length runners provided the greatest benefit to overall performance. This design allowed for the greatest gains in usable mid-range torque and greatly improved boost response. Full boost comes on sooner, and is more easily modulated with the throttle.

In order to eliminate the interference of exhaust pulses on an unequal length design, Tomei installs a partition plate in the merge collector which seperates the exhaust flow according to the firing order of the engine, greatly improving both flow and efficiency.

This manifold also has a built-in support brace at the turbo mating flange which drastically reduces the occurence of cracking at this common failure point. (Inset pic shows both the partition plate and support brace.)

As if that wasn't enough, also included is a roll of EXPREME Thermo Bandage. This exhaust wrap can withstand temperatures in excess of 2,000*F! This will dissipate manifold heat by up to 90% as well as help keep intake and oil temperatures lower by reducing under hood temps.

All of this adds up to a high-quality manifold that makes a GREAT addition to any 240SX with an S13, S14, or S15 SR20DET.