Tomei PONCAM Camshafts + Adjustable Pulley Set-Z32

Tomei PONCAM Camshafts + Adjustable Pulley Set-Z32
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Product Description

The PONCAM camshafts are for direct drop in applications and will work on both the OEM factory ECU and aftermarket ECU's. The timing has already been pre-set with the cam pin so no dialing in is required.

These are Tomei's "user-friendly" camshafts, which feature a more moderate increase in cam profile, and allow for a slightly easier installation versus their PROCAM camshafts (which requires a more advanced set-up).

Also included are Tomei Adjustable Cam Pulleys. While the use of these pulleys will eliminate the NVCS system, they will allow for an incredible amount of fine-tuning.

While you can also purchase these seperately, you can save big by buying these together as a set! (Purchased seperately the MSRP for these items would total $3,000!)


-Duration = 256 (IN/EX)

-Lift = 8.5mm (IN/EX)