Tomei PONCAM Camshafts-(VQ35DE, REVUP)

Tomei PONCAM Camshafts-(VQ35DE, REVUP)
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Product Description

Whether you're choosing to go Turbo or Naturally Aspirated, upgrading the camshafts with high quality units like these Tomei PONCAM camshafts will make your 350Z or G35 COME ALIVE at mid-to-high RPM!

NA engines, especially, take on new characteristics when upper RPM breathing is improved.

The PONCAM camshafts are for direct drop in applications and will work on both the OEM factory ECU and aftermarket ECU's. The timing has already been pre-set with the cam pin so no dialing in is required.

These are Tomei's "user-friendly" camshafts, which feature a more moderate increase in cam profile, and allow for a slightly easier installation versus their PROCAM camshafts (which requires a more advanced set-up).

Price includes 2-intake and 2-exhaust camshafts.


-Duration = 264 (IN/EX)

-Lift = 10.8mm (IN/EX)