Tomei PROCAM Camshafts-(VQ35DE, non-REVUP)

Tomei PROCAM Camshafts-(VQ35DE, non-REVUP)
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Product Description

Whether you're choosing to go Turbo or Naturally Aspirated, upgrading the camshafts with high quality units like these Tomei PROCAM camshafts will make your 350Z or G35 COME ALIVE at mid-to-high RPM!

NA engines, especially, take on new characteristics when upper RPM breathing is improved.

If you stick with the 256 or 264 durations then no other upgrades are required! Just drop 'em in and enjoy! Be mindful though, the higher duration sets with a lift GREATER than 11mm (designed for high-compression builds) will require upgraded valve springs and either upgraded pistons OR a 1mm valve recession to be made on the standard pistons.

PLEASE NOTE: These are sold and priced as INTAKE and EXHAUST pairs, so please be sure to add your desired sets to complete the upgrade on your VQ35DE!

Cam Specs:


Intake - 238 Duration, 9.50mm Lift
Exhaust - 240 Duration, 9.52mm Lift


256 Duration, 10.20mm Lift (Intake/Exhaust)

264 Duration, 10.50mm Lift (Intake/Exhaust) <---Our favorite "all-arounder"!

272 Duration, 10.50mm Lift (Intake/Exhaust)
272 Duration, 11.30mm Lift (Intake)
272 Duration, 11.00mm Lift (Exhaust)

280 Duration, 11.30mm Lift (Intake)
280 Duration, 11.00mm Lift (Exhaust)