Tomei Sidefeed Fuel Injectors (Set of 6)-(VG30DETT)

Tomei Sidefeed Fuel Injectors (Set of 6)-(VG30DETT)
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Product Description

Tomei Sidefeed Fuel Injectors (Set of 6)-(VG30DETT)
Tomei's direct fitting injectors are ready to go as a bolt on application. No messing with collars or other fitting accessories.

Advanced engine tuning will require increased air and fuel delivery for increased power output. Since this will usually exceed the stock injectors capacity the requirement to upgrade is a necessity. Increased fuel supply is generally required with almost any upgrade that greatly increases airflow, from increasing boost, to camshafts, to turbos or any other forced induction.

These injectors, along with proper tuning, allow for proper air/fuel ratios to improve both power and reliability.

TOMEI has the right injectors for the right job on the engines they specialize in.

Also available individually, email us with your needs.

Injector Lag Time:

- 555cc (Yellow) Injectors: .71 msec
- 740cc (Red) Injectors: .66 msec