Tomei Titanium Exhaust System-S13/S14/S15 (SR20DET/KA24DE)

Tomei Titanium Exhaust System-S13/S14/S15 (SR20DET/KA24DE)
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Product Description

Tomei Titanium Exhaust System-S13/S14/S15 (SR20DET/KA24DE)
Uncompromising S-Chassis enthusiasts have long waited for a well built, high-quality titanium exhaust system. Other companies have tried with less than stellar results in terms of fit, finish, and durability.

Enter Tomei.

The exhaust flow was the main focus in the pipe design, the best pipe thickness for weight and strength with proper pipe diameter to suit torque and support power gains throughout the entire power band.

For the best exhaust efficiency results, minimal bends and curves were the focal point of this product which aided with these supreme results.

The 3-piece design is possible since no flanges (other than the Cat converter mating flange) were fitted for increased weight savings and for a better finish with a secure, race-inspired, springs-and-clamp method.

The muffler section features long fiber wool threads. This type has proven to last longer than the traditional fiberglass materials even over a longer period of time with extensive high temperature exposure both at high and low pressures.

This system borders on art! Ships FREE in the Continental U.S.

Pipe Thickness: 1mm (Stock: 1.5mm Steel)
Pipe Diameter: 80mm (Stock: 54mm)
Tip Diameter: 115mm
WEIGHT: 10.2-10.6 lbs. (Stock: 31.9-35.2 lbs) 21-24 lb. savings!