Zeal Function B6 Coilovers-S13 (SOLD)

Zeal Function B6 Coilovers-S13 (SOLD)
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Product Description

Complete Zeal Function B6 Coilovers off an S13 240SX (can be used on an S14 with minor modifications).

Price includes 2 extra pairs of Springs for a total of 4 PAIRS (1 pair each of 8k, 7k, 6k, and 5k).

Havent decided if you're gonna use 300ZX rear aluminum uprights or not? Now you don't have to! Price also includes 2 sets of rear lower mounts (one set for the 240SX uprights and one set for the 300ZX uprights).

Though total mileage is unknown, there are no leaks, no fuss, and no hassle since the shocks were rebuilt less than 1900 miles ago at Endless USA (Dust boots still look new!).

Enjoy a quality set of coilovers (with desirable extras) for over $1000 LESS than original MSRP!

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